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Know Your Spend on Customized E-Commerce Website Vs Storeplum

Developing an e-commerce website from scratch is a thing of past. Don't spend too much on a software which is already available in the market. That too at a fraction of the cost.

While there are many web agencies who can "promise" you to build a store to your expectation, most aren't geared toward optimizing conversions. There's always an additional quote for new feature development.

We know that entrepreneurs like you prefer stay-in-business solutions where budget is a priority.. not a factor that limits your progress!

Use this calculator to get an estimate of how much you would end up paying year-on-year if you go by this traditional approach of website development vs how much you can save with Storeplum.

Custom Website Development

Yearly spend

Website development:₹35,000


Hosting charges (Per Month):₹4,000


SSL Certificate (Per Month):₹400


Technical support by Website developer (Per Month):₹2,000


First year spend with custom development


Second year onwards spend with custom development


Storeplum Subscription

With subscription of ₹49 /month your
yearly spend is

₹588 /year

This includes

  • Readymade website
  • Hosting charges
  • SSL Certificate
  • New feature updates
  • And lot more...

First Year Saving with Storeplum


Second Year onwards Saving with Storeplum


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