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Curated plans to make it easy for you to decide on which one works best for your business use case.


Kickstart your business and build a beautiful website to showcase your products

$29 / month

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Boost conversion rates dramatically and improve repeat sales for every purchase

$79 / month

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Growth Plus

State-of-the-art features and everything else that you need for selling at scale

$249 / month

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Transaction Fees

Transaction fee per sale

0% until $25,000 in revenue
0% until $50,000 in revenue
0% until $250,000 in revenue
Transaction fee after revenue limit


Dashboard Management

Store admin users

Maximum number of store admin users

Role based access

Restrict dashboard access to admin users based on system defined roles

Real time analytics

Real time analytics to understand user engagement patterns

Product Management

Product categories

Ability to create product categories

Number of Products

Maximum number of products that can be added to a store

Product Variations

Ability to configure products with complex variations

Inventory Management

Product SKUs, notifications on low inventory, auto-block selling out-of-stock SKUs

Google product feed

A self-hosted product feed csv file which is synced with your Google Merchant account

Facebook product feed

A self-hosted product feed csv file which is synced with your Facebook commerce manager account

Bulk import products

Upload your entire catalog directly through a csv file

Custom fields for products

Sync seamlessly with other tools in your workflow with product custom fields

User and Order Management

Process individual items

Process and ship individual items in an order

Abandoned cart view

Ability to view abandoned carts

Customer segmentations

Ability to segment customers based on their user journeys

Customer history

Ability to view life-time session history for a user

Export customers

Ability to export customer list in a csv file

Discount Management

Simple discounts

Ability to create simple discounts based on coupon codes

Shipping discounts

Ability to define rules for shipping discounts

Discount creation by rules

Ability to define complex rules on when a discount can be applied

Store Builder

Theme editor

Theme editor to add/update content pages and sections to the store

Payment gateway integrations

Ability to select between Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay and other payment gateways

External tools integrations

Improve productivity by connecting the store with tools in your workflow

Marketing tools integrations

Reach to more customers by connecting to marketing tools like Mailmodo, ConvertKit

SEO first web pages

Prerendered web pages for each storefront built on Storeplum

One click checkout

Improved conversions with one click checkout on each store

Built-in advanced SEO structure

Automatic JSON/LD schema definition for each web pages with previews


Basic store analytics

Basic dashboard analytics on daily users, sales, AOV, etc

External analytics

Ability to connect with FB Pixel, Google analytics, Segment and other tools

Advanced store analytics

Live store sessions, user activity timeline, locations, repeat user sessions, etc

Storeplum Playbooks - Ecommerce automations

Personalized Popups

Dynamic popups to capture prospect emails at the right time.

Push notifications

Configure push notification campaigns based on user journeys

Readymade messaging templates

Proven email and messaging templates to support different segments of users

Hyper personalized dynamic discounts

Dynamically generate discounts based on user interactions on your store

Customer Support

Chat and email support

Priority customer support within SLAs through chat and email

99.93% uptime SLA

Uptime SLA based on plans

Engineering suppport

Software customizations and custom feature requests

Account Management team

Dedicated team to manage your store

Launch team

Dedicated team to mangage store changes and new feature releases

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How to redeem referral discount code?

In order to redeem your referral discount code, make sure that your email address is not already registered on the platform. If your email address already exists in our records, then even if you purchase any plan on this page, Storeplum will not be able to proceed with your account creation.

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Where should I put the referral discount code?

In order to apply the referral discount code, select any one of the plans which you feel is right for your business. Once you click "Subscribe", it will redirect you to a payment page. You can add your referral discount code on this page.

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Does Storeplum charge transaction fee?

Yes. Although we charge a transaction fee, we offer generous revenue limits for you before the transaction fees kick in. Based on your plan, you will be charged up to 2% transaction fee for a sale.

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Do I need a merchant account to start selling with Storeplum?

No. Storeplum has native support for mulitple payment gateways aka. payment processors which will help you create a merchant account on the fly using your Storeplum dashboard.

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Do I need to have a website to use Storeplum?

No, you can build a beautiful and fast website in your Storeplum dashboard using pre-defined templates. Just add your content, images and videos and you are good to go.

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Can I use Storeplum in my country?

Our platform is available worldwide. But, we do recommend you check that the payment methods that we support are available for your country. We currently offer Stripe, PayPal and a few other payment gateways for payment collections. You can visit their sites to learn more.