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How to redeem referral discount code?

In order to redeem your referral discount code, make sure that your email address is not already registered on the platform. If your email address already exists in our records, then even if you purchase any plan on this page, Storeplum will not be able to proceed with your account creation.

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Where should I put the referral discount code?

In order to apply the referral discount code, select any one of the plans which you feel is right for your business. Once you click "Subscribe", it will redirect you to a payment page. You can add your referral discount code on this page.

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How much storage space do I get this plan?

This plans offers a generous 100MB storage limit which is good to host over 100 digital products. You can always increase storage by buying storage credits or through one of our promotional activities.

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Does Storeplum charge transaction fee for digital products?

Yes. There is a flat 5% transaction fee across all tiers including DigiPlus for selling digital products.

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Do I need a merchant account to start selling with Storeplum?

No. Storeplum has native support for mulitple payment gateways aka. payment processors which will help you create a merchant account on the fly using your Storeplum dashboard.

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Do I need to have a website to use Storeplum?

No, you can build a beautiful and fast website in your Storeplum dashboard using pre-defined templates. Just add your content, images and videos and you are good to go.

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Can I use Storeplum in my country?

Our platform is available worldwide. But, we do recommend you check that the payment methods that we support are available for your country. We currently offer Stripe, PayPal and a few other payment gateways for payment collections. You can visit their sites to learn more.