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5 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Amazon in 2024

By Pritesh B

Posted | 11 min read

5 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Amazon

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce business model that has been gaining momentum in recent years.

This model allows retailers to offer a wide range of products without having to invest in stock, storage, or shipping. Instead, the retailer transfers customer orders and shipment details to a manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier, who then ships the products to the customer directly.

Amazon, being one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, offers a significant number of drop shipping suppliers, making it easier for retailers to find the products they need to grow their business.

In this article, we will explore Amazon drop shipping suppliers in greater detail and provide a comprehensive guide for retailers who are looking to start a drop shipping business on Amazon. Let's go-

Dropship on Amazon

Dropshipping is a form of retail business where the seller does not keep their own inventory.

Instead, they partner with a third-party supplier who holds the inventory and ships it directly to the customer.

The seller is responsible for marketing the product, managing customer service, and processing payments.

The benefit of dropshipping is that it eliminates the need for the seller to manage, store, and ship inventory. It’s not impossible to learn how to dropship, just go step by step.

Explaining dropshipping with empty boxes

Amazon dropshipping can be a great source of income and is getting increasingly popular as a way to start an online business model and  induce income. It's a fairly low- cost way to get started, and it can be  veritably profitable if done rightly. Below are the number of benefits of dropshipping on Amazon

  • Significantly low startup cost: It not only offers a number of benefits but also allows entrepreneurs to start a dropshipping store with minimum investment, as the only costs are the dealer's freight, which are  generally lower than traditional retail businesses.

  • No Inventory Management: The dealer doesn't need to buy and store large  quantities of  force. They can also offer  website visitors a wide range of products without having to buy them in advance. Amazon's platform offers a wide variety of products for retailers to choose from, including products from manufacturers, wholesalers, and third- party  merchandisers.

  • Fast business growth: Retailers can reference products at noncommercial prices and have them  packed  directly to  guests, or they can use the third- party dealer's fulfillment service to have the products  packed  on their behalf. This allows retailers to offer a wide range of products without having to invest in stock, storehouse, or shipping, making it easier for them to grow their business.

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Best dropshipping suppliers for amazon in USA

Dropshipping is a great way for online sellers to increase profits and reach their target audience but it is important to research the different suppliers to find the one that best fits your needs. One can also find suppliers face-to-face at trade shows.

Most of the times, the listed suppliers have high minimum order quantities. Amazon allows you to sell products once you launch your amazon store and make money by selling products that are dropshipped.

The following suppliers offer a wide variety of products and competitive prices, a wide variety of products, and excellent customer service:

  1. AliExpress
  2. SaleHoo
  3. Dropship Direct
  4. Wholesale2B
  5. Oberlo



It is one of the top dropshipping companies that would ship the products directly to the customer, one can choose suppliers depending on the relevant products in your area and grow your amazon directly.

It even helps in finding the best suppliers in your industry with the best dropshipping directories. To have a significant dropshipping success rate, one can get products in bulk and find products and suppliers with ease on AliExpress, it even allows working with multiple suppliers.

Aliexpress dropshipping can be a viable option for retailers looking to offer a wide range of products without having to hold and manage inventory. However, it's important to carefully evaluate and understand the risks and challenges involved and to thoroughly research sources to ensure success.

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salehoo dropshipping website

This offers similar benefits to dropshipping like AliExpress, you can easily check out and purchase products you sell, view suppliers that have dropshipping products related to your industry.

For anyone with the need to start dropshipping, this is an easy platform to work with as Salehoo can be a useful resource for retailers looking to start or expand such a business, offering access to a vast network of manufactures and products as well as tools and resources to help them succeed.

However, it is important to thoroughly evaluate and understand how Salehoo fits into your overall dropshipping strategy and to carefully research and vet suppliers before making a purchase.


Dropship Direct

This platform helps in meeting suppliers that offer services to run a dropshipping business smoothly.

It makes the process to run a dropshipping model of business much easier by finding dropshipping sources and buy products for platforms like amazon and ebay. With over 200 different suppliers on this platform, the process of finding the perfect one for your industry becomes much easier.

With Dropship Direct, retailers can take advantage of the benefits of dropshipping, including lower start-up costs and the ability to offer a wide range of products without having to hold and manage inventory. Dropship Direct also provides tools and resources to help retailers manage their online store and promotions and to find dropshipping suppliers and buy products.



wholesale2b dropshipping website

Dropshipping with Wholesale2B is a process where retailers use the platform to find and source products they want to sell without having to hold or manage inventory.

The products are shipped directly from the source to the customer, and the retailer acts as the middleman, selling the products at a markup.

It’s easy on wholesale2b with ebay or amazon like platforms. You can find a list of sources and products that fall under your industry.



oberlo website

With around 200 different suppliers present on Oberlo, linking a variety of products on amazon including amazon FBA becomes a great alternative to dropshipping options available on different platforms.

Here suppliers offer different types of products and you can further see which one fits best for your industry using amazon research. Oberlo provides a streamlined and user-friendly solution for retailers looking to start such a business.

With its integration with a Shopify store, retailers can easily set up their online store and start selling your products right away. However, it is important to carefully research and evaluate sources and understand the terms and conditions of using Oberlo to ensure success in a dropshipping business.

Types of Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

1. Manufacturer Direct: Some manufacturers offer their products directly to retailers through Amazon's platform. This allows retailers to purchase products at wholesale prices and have them shipped directly to customers, cutting out the middleman and saving money.

Manufacturer direct drop shipping is a great option for retailers who are looking to sell high-quality products at competitive prices.

2. Wholesale Suppliers: Amazon also has a large network of suppliers who offer products at wholesale prices for retailers to sell. These suppliers typically require a minimum order quantity, but offer lower prices compared to purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Retailers who choose to work with wholesale suppliers on Amazon can offer a wider range of products to their customers and increase their profit margins.

3. Third-Party Sellers: Many third-party sellers use Amazon's platform to sell products they have purchased from manufacturers or wholesalers. Retailers can purchase these products at retail prices and have them shipped directly to customers, or they can use the third-party seller's fulfillment service to have the products shipped on their behalf.

Third-party sellers on Amazon offer a convenient and easy way for retailers to find products they need to grow their business.

A Third-party seller drop shipping is a great option for retailers looking to offer a wide range of products at retail prices. Amazon's platform makes it easy for retailers to find and compare third-party sellers, allowing them to find the products they need at the prices they want.

However, retailers need to keep in mind that third-party sellers may not always offer the best prices or the highest quality products. As an online retailer, you should carefully review the product quality, shipping times, and customer service offered by third-party sellers to ensure they are getting the best products and services for their business.

How to be successful at Dropshipping

1. Find a suitable product/ product range

The process to start dropshipping on amazon is fairly straightforward. The first step is to select an amazon product to start a dropshipping business. This is typically done by researching the competition among other amazon sellers, understanding customer demand, and selecting a product that can be sold at a profit.

2. Look for a profitable supplier

Next on the list, one needs to find a dropshipping supplier among the numerous dropship suppliers. This is usually done by searching online for suppliers and manufacturers that offer dropshipping services and overall seeing if those suppliers provide the facility to dropship on amazon. It is important to find a reliable supplier who can provide quality products and excellent customer service. It is a tedious task to find legitimate dropshipping suppliers but with some research it can be pulled off.

3. Set up your amazon selling channel

Further more, one needs set up the product listing on Amazon sales channel. This includes providing detailed product descriptions, images, and pricing information. The seller also needs to provide information about the shipping process and return policies. This will be your step towards your amazon dropshipping business and to sell on amazon.

4. Marketing the product/ finding your niche

Now the main part is to start marketing the product. Dropshipping is a business model which means a lot goes into it which includes creating content to attract potential customers, managing customer service, and optimizing the product listing for maximum visibility on your amazon store to sell products and source products too.

5. Process orders and manage shipping

This is a crucial step as dropshipping is more than just ‘source products’, from finding the right suppliers to building your amazon dropshipping store and keep on the products shipping updates.

6. Monitor amazon’s dropshipping policies

Let it be ebay or amazon account, anyone using the dropshipping method would require to keep a close eye on the amazon policy updates, dropshipping faq, amazon data export and batch orders via your amazon seller account.

As much as it seems that dropshipping is an attractive business model and there being tons of benefits of amazon dropshipping, there are cons of amazon business dropshipping.

Setting up your amazon business is one huge task in itself, one cannot open a store without a business license after that there are more than two million products listed in the directory which increases the competition a lot.

There are more factors to this like dropshipping fees, etc. At the same time, dropshipping business on amazon has it’s pros as well.

Final Take

In conclusion, Amazon dropshipping can be a highly effective model for retailers looking to take advantage of the Amazon platform's large customer base and extensive reach. With Amazon dropshipping, retailers can offer a wide range of products without having to invest in inventory or worry about fulfillment and shipping.

The key to success in such model of business lies in the ability to find the right products and suppliers, and in the ability to effectively market and manage orders. This requires thorough research and a deep understanding of the market, competition, and target customers. It also requires a commitment to continuously evaluate and adjust strategies, staying on top of industry trends and changing customer needs.

In terms of finding the right products and manufacturers, it is important to carefully evaluate potential list of wholesale suppliers and products to ensure they are of high quality and meet customer demand. This involves researching market trends, analyzing competitor offerings, and using tools such as Amazon's built-in supplier network and platforms like Alibaba to find reliable and reputable sources. 

In terms of marketing and managing orders, retailers must effectively promote their products and handle customer orders and shipments in a timely and efficient manner. This requires using Amazon's advertising tools, leveraging social media, and offering promotions and discounts, as well as efficiently tracking and managing orders and shipments through tools like Amazon's order management system.

Overall, Amazon dropshipping can be a lucrative and flexible model for retailers looking to sell variety of products on the Amazon platform. However, it also requires a strong commitment to research, marketing, and order management to ensure success. With the right approach, with fulfillment by amazon dropshipping profitable rewards will be seen and rewarding way to grow your business and reach customers around the world with the dropshipping process being smooth.

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Can you use Amazon as a dropshipping supplier?

Yes, Amazon's policy states that Amazon allows a dropshipping supplier if you are the seller on record with your seller identification on invoices, packaging, shipping labels, etc

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How do I start dropshipping on Amazon without money?

Starting a dropshipping business on Amazon without money may be challenging, as there are certain costs involved in setting up and running an online store.

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How much does Amazon dropshipping cost?

Amazon charges variable closing fees which range from $0.30 to $1.80 per item sold, and a flat Professional selling plan subscription fee for $39.99/month.

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Is Amazon dropshipping profitable?

Yes, depending on the niche, dropshippers aim to maintain a profit margin of at least 15% to 20% to make the business viable. The key is to find the right niche.

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Pritesh B
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