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The Quick Email Marketing Guide For Entrepreneurs in Hurry

By Pritesh B

Posted | 3 min read

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Email marketing is a type of marketing that involves sending an email to a group of people with the aim to increase the awareness of a product or service. In e-commerce, email marketing is used to notify customers about new products and deals, offers, etc that you have put on your online store.

Email marketing is an important tool in your arsenal which allows thousands of users to reach organically on your online store. It helps in building relationships with potential customers and helps in increasing sales and revenue. It also helps in strengthening customer loyalty by providing information such as product updates, discounts, etc.

This blog post will guide you in starting with email marketing for your online store and common dos and don't s to keep in mind while doing so.

1. Open with a irresistible email subject line

About 87% of emails are opened only because the subject lines of these emails are inquisitive. When writing an email, try to pique the interest of your reader. Out of the hundreds of emails your users receive each day, this is your chance to shine out.

Legion Athletics uses fear of missing out or FOMO as their subject line, enticing users to open the email and act on it right away.

enticing subject line for email example

2. Add call to action for each email

You just don’t want your target audience to read your content and take no action after reading. The whole intent of email marketing is to direct users to your online store so that they can buy your products. Apart from some exceptions, it is imperative for every email in your newsletter to have a relevant call to action.

If your email is about a brand new sneaker, put a call to action at the end of the email as ‘New launch offer - Buy now for 30% off’ or if your email is about an abandoned cart, add a call to action which takes the user back to their cart.

abandoned cart email example

3. Find out the right time to send emails

Statistics say that people are more likely to open emails early in the morning, just before starting the work or while on their way to work on a commute. This provides a couple of time windows where sending emails would have a much likely open rate.

Ideally, your goal should be to be on top of your reader’s inbox. But almost every single brand wants to do that. That is why you can try sending emails just before the commute hours or just before people are starting their work. I.e between 7AM - 9:30AM on weekdays. Another window is between 4PM -7PM on weekdays.

Keep in mind that email opening rates are usually low over the weekends.

4. Limit yourself to 2 emails per week per customer

Many big e-commerce websites follow the rule of 2 emails per week. Anything more than that is considered too much. Although there is no thumb rule for this number, you do not want to bombard your readers with tons of product information, discounts and promotional activities. Eventually, readers and your potential customers will unsubscribe you from the mailing list, indirectly affecting your online sales.

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Pritesh B
Pritesh B

Ecommerce advocate and Co-founder at Storeplum. I like to write about current trends in ecommerce, best practices and innovative ways on improving online store conversions.

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